Who am I?

In short, I'm a Finnish guy with a thirst for technology, science, and arts, and I'm hungry for more. In some way I can combine these aspect into my daily life thru work and hobbies, occasionally even in a all-in-one kind of a deal.

The longer story

I've been working for as a software architect and developer at Avanade Finland since early 2012, after a decade at Nokia as a software architect. I used to study computer science at the University of Helsinki. My CV is available only on request.

My current interests lie around modern software engineering methods, mobile and cloud services, IoT, secure software development practices and embedded electronics.

My time between sleeping and working is taken up by a few hobbies. The artistic part of me is kept happy with learning to roast coffee, to play trumpet and fretless bass, as well as singing as a bass in the WiOL summer-project Wene-WiOL. For the less snowy part of the year I have taken up on golf, mostly playing at my "home course", Hillside Golf and Country Club in Vihti, some 45km from home. The more snowy part of the year is taken up by telemark and astrophotography. I also have a few less athletic past-time activites include and not limited to photography, cooking, music, movies, games (computer, console, board, etc.), tech gadgets, reading, strange ideas and friendly people.